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EdgeMaven Media is the world's foremost provider of applications to firms seeking to create computer-generated content or title material. EdgeMaven Media applications have successfully created printed publications (e.g. paperback books, ebooks), software titles (e.g. games, utility programs, Pocket PC and Smartphone apps), video titles (e.g. television segments, features, mobile phone snacks), and/or mixed media titles (e.g. web sites, video books).

In markets with content shortages, or having fragmented segments with "long tails," using computer automation to author or produce original title materials is becoming a viable option. Relying on a combination of our patented and proprietary algorithms derived from recent advances in artificial intelligence, applications developed by EdgeMaven Media allow publishers, media distributors, broadcasters, cellular telephone operators, handset providers, software and game publishers, fixed-line network operators, international security agencies, and managers of online multi-user environments to quickly identify and ultimately tailor a limitless number of original titles towards existing and emerging communities, target segments or cliques.

To learn more about EdgeMaven Media and the solutions we provide, please contact us at meta@icongroupbooks.com.

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