EdgeMaven’s mission is to accelerate the transfer of its content automation technology to companies already in the business of content creation, distribution or publishing, irrespective of format (e.g. print, video, software, news or Internet publishing). This is accomplished via a series of workshops which can lead to the successful deployment of an application for a specific genre.


Introductory Workshop (1 to 2 days, plus preparation)


There is no substitute for “seeing it as it happens”. Introductory workshops are informational, and take place in the offices of ICON Group International, Inc. The workshop introduces participants to the physical workings of the content authoring process. Some 90% of the time will be spent with Professor Philip M. Parker, who pioneered this approach at INSEAD, with the remainder of the time being spent interacting with application developers and genre editors. It is recommended that both technical (IT Directors) and non-technical persons (Strategy Directors) attend this workshop in order to gain maximum knowledge of the process and its potential.


Strategic Audit Workshop (2 to 3 days, plus preparation)


Participants will leave the introductory workshop with a sense of the possibilities, and may choose to make automated authoring a strategic initiative. In the Strategic Audit Workshop, also held in San Diego, participants will meet with genre editors and developers who will work with participants to flesh out feasibility and rough design of various alternatives. Participants will at this stage have already researched the portfolio of applications of their particular interest. Unlike the first workshop, therefore, the second workshop focuses on the participants’ genre ideas. Whether developed in house or via third parties, initial estimates of  development costs, technical feasibilities, hurdles, time to completion, HR requirements, and related issues will be a primary focus. By the end of the Strategic Audit Workshop, participants will understand the issues involved with and the feasibility of setting up automation for the specific genres of their particular interest.


Genre Workshop (typically 2 days per genre, plus preparation, per genre)


Given a feasible set of application areas discussed in the Strategic Audit Workshop, a Genre Workshop entails working with editors and application developers to create the specification of a fully working system of title material authorship for one particular genre. This workshop is largely technical, and will work towards defining all requisite databases, logical routines, and modules required. The content of this workshop is 90% technical, 10% strategic.


Implementation Workshop (typically 2 to 3 days, plus preparation, per application)


In the jargon of EdgeMaven, the goal of the Implementation Workshop is to create, via rapid application development, a fully working prototype of one genre-specific application – a “blue smoke version”. Attended by persons with technical backgrounds, developers will sit down and physically create a working application that puts the initial structure of the authoring process in place. At this stage, participants will learn the technical programming issues involved and can leave the workshop with enough background knowledge to help them “kick start” the application. The full programming of applications can take months, and sometimes years. This workshop is designed to help participants get a head start (striving to avoid known, but very time consuming, problems that can be encountered if one were to start from scratch).


Application Development (depends on the genre(s), from 1 month to several years)


Once a client makes the commitment to pursue this avenue, application licensing and/or license exclusivities (over a genre, or domain), and joint development initiatives are discussed on a client-specific basis. Some clients of EdgeMaven may find it necessary to complete their applications by partially or fully relying on EdgeMaven developers, or relying on databases, routines, macros or modules that are proprietary to EdgeMaven. At this stage, it may be optimal for joint development of certain genres.


Note: The licensing fees and pricing of EdgeMaven services are determined on a client-specific basis.

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